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We All Went to Hawaii for Vacation

What does the name of Hawaii Big Island mean to you? To me, it means paradise. I went there last year with my husband and other family members, and I loved it so much that I am going back this year with all of them again. My two sisters and I are the ones who decided to see if we could make a family vacation work out with all of us. None of us had ever been there before but it was definitely a place we wanted to visit at least once. We were able to find a great deal on a five bedroom luxury home, so we decided to ask our parents as well as our grandparents to go with us.

Our husbands were all okay with us making this just about our side of the family, and the planning began so we could get a date picked out that worked for all of us. Even though our parents and grandparents are older, there are so many things there that they can do. I knew they would not be interested in snorkeling or anything like that, but there are things on the island for people of every age to enjoy.

The house itself is gorgeous. Every couple had their own rooms, along with a private bath too. There was also a washer and dryer for us to use, which came in really handy. My father loved the wine cave, and my gram and pap loved the outdoor spa and pool area. I just loved all of it, as did my sisters and our husbands. My mom had a really great time having all of us under one roof again, which was made even more special because it was in such a gorgeous setting. I think we’ll be doing this every year for as long as we can!